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About 12 years ago I came to China and partnered with a girl from China called Zhao Yi who I had worked with and trusted previously from another company we worked for in China. I needed someone on the ground in China and who could speak the language and c



Franchise Id : 3366 Region : Across the U.S Category : Import Investment Amount : AUD $4,000 Telephone : 385-20...

About 12 years ago I came to China and partnered with a girl from China called Zhao Yi who I had worked with and trusted previously from another company we worked for in China. I needed someone on the ground in China and who could speak the language and could work with these factories that do not have my interests in mind. The factories want 30-50% deposit and balance paid before it leaves China. They really had me by the balls all the way. I found if I did not have Zhao Yi to work with the factories and check the goods and keep the factories honest the factories would let me down every time. Yes I mean pretty much every time. I hope you don’t believe these Alibaba gold members have been checked and screened and are lovely honest people. Anyone can be a gold member as long as I pay the extra fee. It’s a joke.

These are the problems I had with them.

1. Samples they send after I paid costly airfreight were inferior or not even the sample I was looking for.

2. The mass production was not the same as the sample they had sent me and in fact inferior and in most times faulty.

3. If I was unhappy with my product they would not even try to help me. On many occasions they would just not even answer my emails or even my calls.

4. Trying to get a refund is impossible. The best they will try to do is: We will replace your faulty goods over the next 5 orders. Why would I order again from them after I lost so much on the first order?

All this sound familiar? If someone tells you they never have had problems shipping goods out of China is lying. I even had a guy (lucky it was not me) get scrap bits of steel from off a factory floor and he thought he was getting a container of pure copper. He went to the factory met them all had lunch with them but stupid him. Did not go back and check the goods were put in the container and put on a ship. Yep $200,000 loss and he also had to pay $20,000 for customs in the USA to destroy it. Want some more stories just email me. I got plenty to share over the 12 years of doing this business. Keep in mind, most factories do not think about long term relationships if it means they will lose on a trade or warranty issue. Over the years they have become very arrogant and have no shortages of clients wanting to buy from them.

Having Zhao Yi just eliminated a lot of these problems cause she was able to check goods before they left and final payments were paid. She was also able to check the goods during the manufacturing process.

Over the years we then had many clients wanted us to help them import goods and they would use our services. The business has grown to a $25,000,000 business and we have many staff in Shanghai and Changzhou China now working daily with clients. We have clients who are in the top 500 companies in the world, we have clients who have become millionaires or financially independent selling on line such as Amazon, eBay and their own websites and we have a lot of small companies and individuals.

Recently we thought we should have more and more people have access to our company. I got together with a friend of mine Mick and he has come up with a fantastic App. This App (Buy tasker) will let you interact with our staff via, text, voice text or even direct calling. It will track the progress of each product you’re buying or developing. It will tell you when our QC guy is going to check it. It will give you the QC report and let you know when it has been put on the ship. It will let you know when it has arrived at your port. If you’re someone who wants to import from China and want to sell it from Amazon USA this App will be fantastic for you. We will advise the bar codes needed and can ship directly to the Amazon warehouse. You do not be in the USA to access the fortunes made on amazon. The great thing about the App and the whole business of importuning out of China is you can do it anywhere in the world. Just sit on the beach and access your Chinese staff and how they are going with your products.

If you want to learn to import out of China then this App will make it very simple for you. Now the App will cost you some money but the benefits and the money you will make from it will outs trip the initial purchase. Once you own this App you will also be able to use out staff like your staff. A staff member will be assigned to you. You will not be a number but will be a manager of our staff, you can also use our office like it is your office, you can use the office address and phone number details on your business cards emails, websites etc. You can come to our office at any time and use it while you are in China. You can travel in China with your staff member to visit factories etc.

If you are someone who wants to be part of the many who make $1000s from China and work it part time or full time and want all the above access with no limitations how much you can make then fil out the form and I will personally get back to you.

1. Very low Overheads in this Business. (You do not have to buy products yourself)

2. Can work from home.

3. Our staff in China will be your staff and our office will be your Office. Visit us any time and go visit the factories you would like to see.

4. Great chance to travel the world

5. Income is unlimited.

6. Make money from other people's money.

7. With this app you can operate anywhere in the world you just need your mobile phone.

8. Great way to learn how to import out of China, we help you through all the steps.

9. Don’t be another person with a horror story from China; let us and Buytasker show you how to do it to eliminate the risks.

10. Make $1000’s like others from trading with China but make it all easier using Buytasker

What to know more? Fill out the form and get the ball rolling.

Thanks Cameron

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