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They Laughed When I Said I Wanted To Import Out Of China

Location:San Diego, California

Category:Import, Export, Transport

Asking Price:AUD $6,000 - $12,000

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  • They Laughed When I Said I Wanted To Import Out Of China

Business description

About 10 years ago I went to China and partnered with a Chinese girl that I had a previous working relationship with and together we started a sourcing company. She looked after China side of things, finding the right factories, negotiating prices, paying them and looking after all the logistics. I looked after the all the logistics in my country meeting and finding clients, getting payments from them, ensuring product quality and so on.

Friends, family and acquaintances said it was impossible to work in China because of the language and cultural difficulties. They did not count on my determination and persistence….I was going to succeed no-matter-what! The more someone said it couldn’t be done, the more determined I was to prove them wrong. My first order was for scrapbooking products and we made $7,000 profit from one order and we got many repeat orders as well. We did not have to put up one $1. The client paid upfront for all the goods before it leaves China. Since then we have expanded into many diverse areas and even have our own manufacturing facility that builds kayaks, Pizza Ovens and all kinds of Steel Fabricating and we export them around the world. Just walk into Bunnings and you will see our Pizza ovens or look on Jamie Oliver’s website to see our pizza ovens. We sell all over the world now.

We now have two offices in China and 20 staff and turnover more than $25,000,000 every year.

I could not have done this without my partners who have joined me along the way. I taught them to do exactly what I do and now we all make great money together. My youngest partner is 26 years old and is already earning 6 figures after 2 years. Learn how to import for others and be the in between man like me.

If you do not like to be a partner then why not learn how to import for yourself. EBay sites and On-line shops earn a lot of money if you can buy your products at the right price. I have a lot of clients who are Bayer’s. Perhaps your got your own business and need to import for yourself to make better margins or you have a great idea and you want learn how to develop it and make it in China.

You might see many people offering lessons on how to import out of China. You normally would go to a Hotel conference room, while someone will give you a few lessons from a PowerPoint presentation for a lot of money. What I am offering is actual on the job training right here in China. You would need to come here to China for one week and you will go back with a wealth of knowledge and armed to import for yourself. If we get on well and we both agree you could even be a partner and be a part of this whole business. I do not offer the partnership to everyone. I can’t have endless amounts partners. No one I know offers this kind of training.

My knowledge of China and sourcing is invaluable and has made me and others fortunes.

Look who is laughing now!

Let me arm you with the tools to do what I did! I have the formula to make it happen….Do you want in?

• Very low overheads

• Easy to operate from home

• Can work the business from any country in the world

• Great chance to travel

• income is limited only by your determination

• make money from other people’s money

• Can be worked part or full time

• Little capital required

I don’t have a fancy website or spend thousands on advertising or useless glossy brochures. I offer hands-on training and offer you the same opportunity that I had 10 years ago. I live by a handshake and it has me and many others wealthy.

If you want to import for yourself cause you have your own business or sell products online or you are thinking of doing what I do: Import for other people and you would like to be a partner then come over for a week and learn. You will never regret it.

The week will be fun and exciting and you will go to places you would never go to on a Suzi Wong Tour. We will visit numerous cities seeing factories and eating with the factory bosses. We will travel with the locals on trains, planes and buses. There will be places we will go where you will get the full cultural experience. In the end you would learn all you need to import out of China.

I only have 2 people travel with me every few months so it is not open to anyone. I also only want serious people contact me and are prepared to come to China for the week.

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