Dearborn Business Advisors Corp

Dearborn Business Advisors Corp™ (DBIZCO) provides a wide variety of business consulting, marketing, business listing, acquisitions and business brokerage services to it's clients and customers, the business owner/seller and buyer/acquirer.

Dearborn Business Advisors Corp

Dearborn Business Advisors Corp

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Dearborn Business Advisors Corp™ (DBIZCO) provides a wide variety of business consulting, marketing, business listing, acquisitions and business brokerage services to it's clients and customers, the business owner/seller and buyer/acquirer.

Our companies have been brokering businesses since 1982. We are now approaching 30 years experience in helping business buyers and business owners realize their “ideal deal”.

We have brokered literally thousands of different businesses of all kinds and sizes, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisitions brokered by our sales associates, consultants and agents.


Our goal is for business buyers and business owners to be able to engage in the Great American Dream of owning, buying and selling their own businesses, with low risk for all parties. DBIZCO has developed ultra professional, effective systems and processes that not only greatly facilitate successful transaction completion, but, just as important, guides those projects to a low risk conclusion.


Business owners are our clients. DBIZCO generally works for business owners (sellers), with whom we have a Listing Agreement, authorizing DBIZCO to market the business assets to a ready, willing and able buyer. DBIZCO usually charges no front fees to seller clients,and is paid a commission when the business sells.

When DBIZCO lists a business for sale, we invest the money needed to professionally package the listing, confidentially advertise it in various media and on the internet, and service the listing until it is sold, including regular consultations with the business owner during the marketing process.

Fee Based Services For Business Owners

Some Business Owners engage DBIZCO to perform special advisory/marketing services, for fees, rather than engaging DBIZCO on a straight commission basis. In those cases, DBIZCO works on a retainer basis, against a future commission. Fees for these special engagements will be quoted on an individual project basis. However, on most projects, DBIZCO charges no advance fees to Business Owners.


DBIZCO performs many services during the listing engagement, usually on a straight commission basis, as an accommodation to the seller and buyer, including offering the business owner a free evaluation/pricing to help them determine the market price for the business.DBIZCO, having brokered the sale of thousands of businesses, has a high level of understanding about business values and pricing, as well as considerable experience in consulting with owners about the various acquisition terms that might be offered to buyers.

DBIZCO also invests the energy and the knowledge of our many years experience in finding potential buyer candidates. Having successfully brokered the sale of thousands of businesses over the years, DBIZCO has developed a unique multi-media “Buyer Discover System” that is very successful at finding qualified business buyers.


We are keenly aware of the importance of the maintenance of high standards of confidentiality in small business representation, and have developed a unique Buyer Promise Of Confidentiality System which gives sellers a satisfactory comfort level.

Buyers, too, prefer confidentiality in the managing of their acquisition search, and DBIZCO understands the importance of protecting the buyer's and seller's confidentiality needs.


We begin the business marketing process by consulting with the business owner about their “ideal exit strategy”, helping the owner identify not only the price they wish to achieve for the business assets, but also, structuring the marketing of the business so that the seller receives the confidentiality and the terms they prefer. Also discussed is the seller's goals as to after-the-sale involvement in the business, if any, the seller's long term career and financial goals, and the taxable consequences of the sale. Then, DBIZCO works hard to make those goals a reality.


Business buyers are our customers. DBIZCO charges no fees to buyers, except for special projects at the buyer's request, to assist them with special engagements.

However, on most projects, our services are performed at no charge to the buyer customer.

Fee Based Services For Business Buyers

Some business Buyers engage DBIZCO to perform special advisory/search services, for fees. In those cases, DBIZCO works on a retainer basis, against a future “finder’s fee/commission” paid by the Buyer/Acquirer. Fees for these special engagements will be quoted on an individual project basis. However, on most projects, DBIZCO charges no fees to prospective business Buyers.


We begin the buyer's search by consulting with the buyer about their “ideal investment”, helping the buyer identify not only the size business they can afford, but also which investment would likely deliver the accomplishment of the financial and career goals of the buyer and his/her family, and, perhaps as important, which investment would most likely deliver the Return On Investment and Equity Build Up goals of the buyer.

The search includes showing the buyer the many businesses for sale that DBIZCO presently has listed, and includes surveying our Associates for information on listings they are in the process of bringing to market at any given time.

Our agents specialize in patient, professional services to business buyers, including working with your attorney and other advisors, to insure that all buyers receive adequate advice during their acquisition journey.


DBIZCO is a full disclosure company, which means that we encourage all parties to cooperate to provide all the facts needed for buyers and sellers to be able to consummate transactions with low risk and maximum chances of mutually satisfactory results.


DBIZCO specializes in providing assistance in arranging the financing needed to make acquisitions possible. Over 80% of the thousands of transactions we've brokered since 1982 have been completed with financing arranged by our associates. We charge no fees for financing assistance. These free services include:

  • DBIZCO creates and produces the complete Loan Request packet that's used to show lenders the merits of the project.
  • DBIZCO canvasses lenders in our extensive national Lender Data Base, and makes the initial contact with each lender on behalf of the buyer and seller, to discover lenders who would be interested in financing the project
  • DBIZCO delivers the Loan Request packet to each interested lender
  • DBIZCO follows up with each lender to coordinate the lender's loan proposal
  • DBIZCO introduces the buyer to the interested lender(s)
  • After the buyer chooses a lender, DBIZCO assists the buyer in the filling out of documents, including the SBA loan application, when applicable.


DBIZCO volunteers to manage the due diligence process, including: working with the buyer's and seller's attorneys, accountants and other advisors; assisting the seller in the clearing of accounts payable and other obligations; assisting the parties with equipment inspections, EPA inspections, appraisals, etc (when applicable), and the other important details leading up to the buyer's take over, including coordinating the final arrangements for financing with the lender, the buyer and seller. DBIZCO's unique and ultra professional due diligence/closing services are provided to the parties at no extra charge, and are provided as an accommodation to the buyer and seller.


DBIZCO's primary goal is to manage each transaction so that all parties are satisfied, comfortable and confident that the transaction accomplishes their needs and objectives, with low risk, and with maximum opportunity for accomplishing a successful acquisition.

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