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Our company was established in June of 1992 initially with a view to servicing customers who were looking to purchase homes either for their personal use or as an investment. Since then Rockrose Realty has been servicing the needs of Reside

Rockrose Realty Inc

Rockrose Realty Inc

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Our company was established in June of 1992 initially with a view to servicing customers who were looking to purchase homes either for their personal use or as an investment. Since then Rockrose Realty has been servicing the needs of Residential and Commercial Real Estate Buyers and Sellers now for approximately 20 years. During these 20 years we have been honored with multiple awards, which demonstrate our professionalism and commitment to our clients. We live in the Kissimmee area and have a vast knowledge of both the residential and investment market.

We have met with numerous people who expressed a desire to also move to Florida and asked for our assistance in doing this, and so our business evolved. Shortly after, we expanded our services to help those looking to buy or sell a business in Florida, making the life event of moving into Florida much easier.

It has been our pleasure to be of help to many families and business professionals over the years, all looking tosettle in Florida. Having been through the ordeal of selling a home, taking children out of school, transporting our beloved Irish Setter, Jasper, and putting new roots down in a foreign country where we had no friends or family, we certainly could relate to them.

We are pleased to say that over the years we have made many friends, some of whom have been extremely successful in their business ventures. Also others who have been quite content to have a smaller business which qualified them to live and work in the USA and maintain a steady business and renew their Visas. The latter mainly because they were near retirement age and as there is no retirement Visa to live and work in the US they had no other alternative than to take on a small business.

We do our best to help people find a business at a level of investment which will suit their needs and pockets, whilst meeting Immigration guidelines. What we advise people is based upon the responses and experiences we have with the different Immigration Offices around the world.

We have been extremely fortunate to build up a good team of people around us, such as Visa Attorneys, Accountants and general business people all of whom we have found to be very helpful and reliable in assisting our clients to achieve their dream of obtaining a Visa and come to live in the USA. Rockrose Realty would like to stress that as a company we do NOT take referral fees from any of the people we refer our customers to, we simply do so because they are efficient and good at their job, helping move along the Visa application swiftly.

In addition it should be noted that we DO NOT hold any money belonging to our customers. We like to make sure that your funds are well protected so that you have peace of mind over the transaction. We make sure your money is lodged with an Escrow Attorney on a Business purchase, or a Title Company on a house purchase. Your funds are held until the day of Closing on either matter and only when the house or business is conveyed to you is the money transferred to the Seller.

We do our very best to ensure that you are able to settle in Florida and our door is never closed to our Buyers, even after the transaction has closed. It is our hope we can help you, the buyer, make the transition from your country as easy as possible and hold your hand and guide you through the process with our staff and the others people we may introduce you to.

Fortunately the timeframe for Immigration reviewing applications has become much faster over the last year and we would recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about moving to the USA take the time to either call us * * *** or email us to arrange an informal chat at no cost. Here again, I would like to advise all buyers that there is NO CHARGE for our service, we are paid by the Seller of the house or the business.

Our site is constantly updated to ensure that you, the customer, has the best possible updated information for you to review at any time of the night or day. We ensure that our website is LIVE and has the most current data for residential and commercial properties, both for sale and rent. In addition to Businesses offered for sale for the entire state of Florida. Your needs for all of these requirements are met in one place with Rockrose Realty.

We look forward to meeting anyone who is looking to relocate to Florida and our office handles business purchases for the entire State of Florida, whether it is a $60,000 Ice Cream Parlor or a $65 million Hotel Resort which we are currently working on. Nothing is too large or too small.

Address 111 E Monuement Ave. Suite 510 (fifth floor)Kissimmee, FL 34741 Kissimmee florida FL 347
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