Importance of Good Employees in a Business.

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Importance of Good Employees in a Business.
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Manish Khanna
Monday 20th of October 2014

The foundation of any organization is the talented and hardworking people, who are the principal assets of any firm. It is an established fact that the growth of an organization requires the continual infusion of quality staff. Thus, adequate staffing or the provision for appropriate human resource is an essential requirement for any organization’s success. It is, therefore, believed that an organization can achieve its objectives only when it has the right persons in the right positions.

Proper selection ensures various benefits to the business.

  • -- {C}It helps in discovering and obtaining competent personnel for various jobs
  • --It makes for higher performance by putting right person on the right job.
  • -It also ensures the continuous survival and growth of the enterprise through the succession planning for managers.
  • -It also helps to ensure optimum utilization of the human resources.

By avoiding over manning, it prevents under-utilization of personnel and high labor costs and at the same time it avoids disruption of work by indicating in advance the shortage of personnel. Lastly it improves job satisfaction and morale of employees through objective assessment and fair reward for their contribution.

If the right kind of employees is not available, it will lead to wastage of materials, time, efforts and energy, resulting in lower productivity and poor quality of products. The enterprise will not be able to sell its products profitably. It is therefore essential that right kind of people must be available in right number at the right time. They should be given adequate training so that wastage is minimum. They must also be induced to show higher productivity and quality by offering them proper incentives.

There is a particular process involved in choosing the best quality staff because the prime concern in the management process is the timely fulfillment of the manpower requirements within the organization.

  • - The first and foremost function of management is to estimate the manpower requirements i.e. while designing the organization structure , an analysis is undertaken of the decisions and the decision making levels , activities as well as relationship among them with a view to evolving the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the structure . Thus, various job positions are created. Desired qualifications, experience, personality characteristics are some of the points which are taken as a base while selecting people for working in a particular organization.
  • - Second major step in the selection process is recruitment, the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for job in the organization. Both internal and external sources of recruitment may be explored. Another essential step is selection which is choosing from among the pool of prospective job candidates developed at the stage of recruitment.

After selected candidates are forwarded for placement and orientation they are introduced to other employees. Training and development of employees is necessary for higher growth of any business. Therefore, training becomes an essential part in building up the workforce. Employees should always be rewarded for their work as this motivates them to work for the organization. This could be done by raising their positions; giving them Incentives etc. an organization must pay desired compensation to employees because money sometimes acts as an influencing medium for work growth.

Besides, a good relationship between management and employees ensure good working conditions and healthy growth. Good characteristics in an employee play a major role in business’s success.

  • - A trait to be instilled at an early stage is reliability.
  • - {C}An employee should always be willing to take responsibilities. Responsibilities create opportunities which will lead to employee’s growth.
  • - The attitude of employee towards his/her superiors and business should always be positive.
  • - An employee should be a team player, which is another attribute of a successful employee.
  • - Good communication skills are essential in virtually any job. Communication becomes more important when ideas are being communicated for the improvement of company’s performance.
  • - {C}A sound judgment becomes a necessity in a business. One good decision can take the business to the peak whereas one bad decision can result in lost revenue for a company.
  • - Another quality of a good employee is excellent work ethic. This quality helps the employees to enjoy the opportunity to continue learning and growing with the company.
  • - The most overlooked trait of a good employee is etiquette. It helps in assessing their skills and taken as one of the most important thing a person needs to be successful in the business world.

Thus, these traits in an employee are required for the successful performance.

Hiring employees is the biggest challenge an entrepreneur faces. Finding good and dependable employees is a very difficult task and sometimes might lead to biggest problems for the management.

Good employees definitely contribute to a successful business whereas irresponsible candidates can ruin the smooth working of the business. A firm’s success at hiring and retaining good employees mainly depends on the environment available for spurring growth.

It is the responsibility of the management too, to offer good working conditions and a fertile place to its employees which must be best suited for the growth of an employee’s abilities. Management should keep a positive attitude and support the happiness of the business’s employees. Satisfied employees will surely work harder and will stay with the company, resulting in reducing company’s labor costs. Therefore, it is the duty of the management to praise the work done by the employees, on the other hand employees should give their best in fulfilling their responsibilities for business’s success.

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