How to Find an Investor for Your Small Business?

If you are looking to start your own firm, the biggest hurdle comes your way is an inve

... stment. One has to arrange sufficient funds to inv...
How to Find an Investor for Your Small Business?
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Manish Khanna
Saturday 28th of October 2017

If you are looking to start your own firm, the biggest hurdle comes your way is an investment. One has to arrange sufficient funds to invest for various setups. The trade cost of any start-ups is beyond the reach of the common man. The task looks daunting, but if you are aware where to look for funds, it will make your work a lot easier. Generally, the budding entrepreneurs do encounter the problem of finance. To find an investor for your firm is not easy as it seems. But the good part is that if you do some research to deal with the problem, you will definitely find the solution. Generally, financial institutions or investors are unlikely to help new businesses until they have achieved some success. In this case you can buy an existing Business for Sale in Los Angeles and get an investor easily. But, if you wish to start on your own, there are different ways through which you can find the suitable investor for your business.

Start-ups are considered as the world economy's backbone. Hence, there are some investors who are ready to invest, if the start-ups come up with some great ideas. Their sole vision is to help new business organisations to succeed. One has to be very selective in choosing the investors. A good one will lay a strong foundation of the organisation and the bad one can ruin even a brilliant idea. So it is essential to make the right choice of investors by the start-ups.

In certain case, an investor can become the resource for organising, marketing and realising ideas. Being a budding entrepreneur you have to come up with some extraordinary business plan which can attract potential investors. But the question is do you have any brilliant idea that can attract a potential investor? What makes the investor buy your idea? An entrepreneur has to follow a well-planned strategy which can generate financial support. It is a long, hard course which will be achieved in a suitable period of time. Basically, what makes an organisation successful? The answer is brilliant ideas, employees with an excellent bent of mind, an ideal mentor and finances.

Here are few tips which are very fruitful in finding the best investor for your small business or start-ups.


While looking for an investor, one should always come up with an idea that can attract genuine customers. It is not necessary that it be an extraordinary one. But the idea should appeal to the investor that it will attract the genuine customers. According to some statistics, the motive of an idea should not be a monetary motive; it should be capable of revolutionising the business world. If one is successful in influencing the investor the biggest hurdle of an investment is solved. In this modern era, an investor not only invests money but also acts as a resource for all your contacts, networks and employees.


Communication plays a vital role in establishing a start-up. Through a proper communication, you can build good relations with many investors present in the market. You can make them aware of your business idea and convince them how this idea can generate a lot of revenue for the start-up and it will transform the start-up into a successful business. Reach out to them through emails, phone calls and through all possible communication channels and turn your dream into a reality. The investors are also looking for the viable entrepreneurs who have some brilliant ideas to work with. When they find your ideas interesting, they roll out the money.


Honesty is the best policy and if you don’t abide by it means if you misrepresent your business, you are truly inviting the failure. An entrepreneur should come up with the best-case-scenario figures. It will help you in getting the fund for your new project. It is a fact that if you are capable of projecting your visions into the minds of investors then only you can gain capital for your projects. An individual should show both the aspect to the investor, the good and the bad. It will make them realise that you are very honest in achieving your goal.

Worthy Concept

Once you are clear with your business idea, the investor will start believing in you. Try to achieve the success by winning the trust of your investor. It will show your potential as an entrepreneur. You can make them understand that your idea is a worthy concept and can attract the target audience and it would be a successful business model.

Build Relationships

Relationship or contact matters a lot in the business sector. Any person you come across can be of help in one or the other way. You can say that they even can be a potential customer. If your business lacks likeability then you are not able to raise money. Your ideas should be capable of engaging masses.

Crowd funding

Another way to find your investor is to expose your start-up to thousands of potential investors online. This way has transformed the corporate sector. Investors are using this method to find their next project. Amongst others, this is the largest outreach to find your potential investors. It will make your presence worldwide. The best part is that you don’t have to face any hassle while using this medium.

It is really sad that the system investors use for evaluating entrepreneurs is not efficient. This system caters entire responsibility on the shoulders of an investor. Once they find the potential firm they get ready for all kinds of business. From an investor’s perspective, have a plan and follow it as long as it is giving a fruitful result. Moreover, you have to be flexible, be tough and be open to new ideas. There are many such ‘Businesses for sale’ in Los Angeles but choosing the right one is essential. A wrong selection can prove disastrous in the long run.

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