Top 8 Business Opportunities in Texas for 2018

Texas is one of the most economically developed regions in t

... he United States. Over the last few decades, Texas...
Top 8 Business Opportunities in Texas for 2018
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Manish Khanna
Friday 9th of March 2018

Texas is one of the most economically developed regions in the United States. Over the last few decades, Texas showed a drastic development in diverse industrial and business sector. It is one of the biggest business hubs across the US. From reputed business tycoons to small business entrepreneurs, everyone is getting an equal level of growth opportunities.

While business leaders are expanding their organization’s benchmarks, amateur entrepreneurs are more inclined towards buying pre-established businesses in the top location of Texas, such as Austin, El Paso, Dallas County and many more.

Rather than commencing a company from scratch, new-age business owners are finding it more reliable to own a full-fledged and well-established business to boost more sales with low overheads. Doing business in such a developed region of the United States would be beneficial to you and your business.

Here, we bring you the list of 8 most exciting list of Businesses available in Texas that you can buy to meet your targeted business goals.

Let’s get started!

1. Trendy Boutique for Sale

Location: Texas - Dallas / Ft. Worth -Dallas County

Category: Retail

Asking Price: $ 145,000

Want to own this trendy boutique, located in the downtown shopping area of Ft. Worth, Dallas County, Texas? The boutique offers affordable and stylish ladies clothings and accessories.

This is an exceptional opportunity to expand your business dimensions, and host trunk shows to boost your revenues. You can also create an eCommerce store to promote and sell your stock online to your potential web customers.

In short, this is one of the rarest opportunities for those who don’t have enough capital to start their own boutique from scratch.

For more information on this Trendy Boutique for Sale in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

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2. Metal Roofing Company for Sale

Location: Texas - Austin -Travis County

Category: Building and Construction

Asking Price: $1,800,000

Do you want to buy an established building and construction based business in Texas? Are you excited about owning this well-operated company that specializes in providing top-notch metal roofing systems? The business is located in one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, i.e., Austin.

The company provides world-class roof metal products to a vast customer base including homeowners, home builders, commercial property owners and a lot more.

You can take over this business as it has proven marketing systems to help you maximize in-home sales and manufacturing operations for both the residential and commercial sector. The seller will provide you complete training on operating sales systems.

This is one of the rarest opportunities for you because the Texas Construction industry is booming at an increasing rate with each passing year. Be a part of this growing industry and earn high returns while engaging more potential customers for the future growth.

For more information on this Metal Roofing Company for Sale in Austin

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3. Deeksha Education Consultancy

Location: Texas - El Paso

Category: Educational

Asking Price: P.O.A

Be part of an organization that has already established themselves as one of the leading education consultancy firms in the world.

Deeksha Education Consultancy aims at assisting those Indian students who want to continue their higher education/ job-oriented courses in the Countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Germany.

The company has a strong international reputation and is proudly associated with the leading educational institutions, schools, and colleges in all the above countries.

Now they are looking for partner companies in the major cities of Texas, and one of them is El Paso. If you are searching for a well-established business in El Paso, then this can be your chance.

Join hands with this highly-profitable education consultancy company and be your own boss. There is no joining fees or hidden charges. All you need to avail training sessions and learn how to influence international students to grab job-driven courses and work opportunities. Just make sure you guide students in the right direction while making their future bright.

It has a great scope of growth and prosperity in 2018 and future ahead.

For more information on Deeksha Education Consultancy for Sale in El Paso

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4. Highly-Profitable Towing Company

Location: Texas - Austin -North side

Category: Automotive

Asking Price: Undisclosed

Buy this well-established and fully-staffed company and become a part of a thriving automotive industry in Austin, Texas. The current owner of this towing company is looking for a potential buyer who can take the business to the next level.

The company has various towing licenses and police rotation contacts with the Austin city, Travis, and Williamsons county- giving you an opportunity to earn a huge amount of profits. Plus, you will get two trucks, in-depth training, and on-going support to let you get started with ease.

While towing is giving you a good source of income, you can also generate money from storage and impound fees. Just make sure you have that potential to take right decisions at the right time. This will help you get success in a short time span.

For more information on Towing Company for Sale in Austin

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5. Full-Service Med Spa

Location: Texas -Tarrant County

Category: Beauty

Asking Price: $ 295,000

This is a full-service Med Spa located on the busy street of Tarrant County, Texas. From laser treatments to tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation treatments to hair removal, Spa offers everything at the most affordable price.

Apart from facials and other beauty treatments, you can also provide skin care products to generate higher conversions and sales in a short time span.

If you have a medical license, then you can replace the current Medical Director of this Med Spa.

For more information on Full-Service Med Spa Business for Sale in Tarrant County

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6. Lighting design installation and service company

Location: Texas - Austin -Travis County

Category: Professional Services

Asking Price: $400,000

Earn net profit of $166,885 by owning this valuable lighting design installation and service company at the most reasonable price.

The company incepted in 2005, and since then it has been serving both residential and commercial clients with the same dedication. Till now, the company has built a strong customer base, and you will get a chance to sustain them longer to generate maximum conversions and higher revenues.

You can rejoice their exceptional brand value and bring your own ideas into existing business operations to showcase what you can do to take this business to the new heights. This is simply an exceptional opportunity for a novice individual.

For more information on Lighting design installation and service company for sale in Austin

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7. Apps Unloaded

Location: Texas - Austin -All Cities and Suburbs

Category: Online Businesses, Computer and IT, Professional Services

Asking Price: P.O.A.

Generate high level of income by selling sub distributorships of highly-interactive smartphone apps. Apps Unloaded is giving you an opportunity to create your sales network and represent yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

The influence of online businesses is encouraging people to buy this business and generate great income with low overheads. Since the company has its own tried and tested marketing plan, you’ll don’t need to create anything from scratch.

You just need to implement those strategies and drive more sales while expanding your dimensions in different territories of Texas.

For more information on Apps Unloaded Business for Sale in Austin

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8. 1-800-WATER DAMAGE Franchise

Location: Texas - El Paso -Across the US

Category: Service, Franchise, Mobile Service

Asking Price: P.O.A

Do you want to own a franchise of 1-800-WATER DAMAGE Company in El Paso, Texas, the US? 1-800 Water Damage is a reckoned company providing 24/7 Restoration services and prides itself on restoring the most complicated things for their potential customers.

This is simply a highly-profitable and recession proof restoration franchise that aims at the high margin segments of water damage related issues. They offer unparalleled franchise model to let you create your own business goals in the existing competitive industry.

They are offering a revolutionary business model in the hotspot of El Paso, Texas, the United States. This model allows you to operate the business without even incurring startup costs. You just need to buy their franchise right, and then you will be able to run this profitable business for higher growth and success.

For more information on 1-800-WATER DAMAGE Franchise for Sale in El Paso

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