5 Latest Businesses For Sale in Texas 2019

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, which is contributing a whopping $ 1.645 trillion GDP to the nation. It is home to many ren...

  • 5 Latest Businesses For Sale in Texas 2019
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    5 Latest Businesses For Sale in Texas 2019

    • Tuesday 26th of February 2019
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    Texas is the second largest state in the United States, which is contributing a whopping $ 1.645 trillion GDP to the nation. It is home to many renowned brands, industries, and financial institutes. The constant developments in the commercial and residential sectors have made Texas one of the major hotspots in the United States.

    Being recognized as one of the biggest commercial hubs of the country, Texas boasts of diversified industries such as Information Technology, electric power, manufacturing, oil and natural gas, defense, aerospace, retail, tourism, Food and Café and a lot more. This means the economy of Texas is performing well and also making room for budding entrepreneurs who are looking for lucrative businesses for sale in the United States.

    Undoubtedly, it is a perfect location to begin an entrepreneurial journey, and we bring you the five latest business opportunities in Texas 2019 that will give you the right direction towards your targeted business goals.

    Let’s get started!

    1. My Team Poster Business

    Location: Dallas, Texas

    Category: Home Based, Service, Professional Services

    Asking Price: From $6,490

    My Team Poster brings you a truly innovative concept where you can embrace your passion for sport while generating higher profits on a regular basis. It is a fantastic business opportunity for those aspiring entrepreneurs who want to associate with a leading franchise model in the United States. You can join hands with My Team Poster as a licensee and kick start your career without investing a huge amount of capital or stock.

    It is a home-based business where you will be given a fully-functional and interactive website that lets you access to the My Team of the Century or My Team Poster. It is an exciting and lucrative business and can help you earn higher revenues from day one. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of this growing industry by acquiring this business.

    For more information on this My Team Poster Business for Sale in Dallas, Texas, visit www.business2sell.com/businesses-details/my-team-poster-a-fantastic-opportunity-to-make-money-through-your-49296.php

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    2. Profitable Metal Roofing Company

    Location: Austin, Texas

    Category: Building and Construction

    Asking Price: $1,800,000

    Commencing a business from scratch in the Building and Construction industry requires a lot of financial support and human resources. You need commercial space, stock, staff and machinery for your business operations. Apart from this, there is always a risk of failure, especially if you are new in this entrepreneurial world. Instead of starting a new business, you can buy a well-established one with low overheads and a very low risk of failure.

    If you are looking for an existing building and construction business in Texas, then this is an ideal opportunity for you. This metal roofing company is one of the renowned businesses in the United States which provide the highest quality of metal roofing systems to both the residential and commercial building owners.

    Located in the heart of Austin, this business is giving you an opportunity to generate higher revenues by selling cutting-edge products to residential owners, business owners and local contractors across the city. The new owner can also take this business to a higher level by increasing in-home sales, installation techniques, and manufacturing of the other roofing products. You can grab this business and become your own boss.

    For more information on this Metal Roofing Company for Sale in Austin, Texas, visit here http://www.business2sell.com/businesses-details/highly-profitable-metal-roofing-company-in-austin-texas.php

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    3. Thriving Preschool for Sale

    Location: Texas

    Category: Child Care Center

    Asking Price: $500,000

    Are you interested in acquiring a highly profitable preschool in Ellis County, Texas? This preschool has a licensed capacity of more than 100 students and is currently doing a pretty good business.

    The director/preschool owner is selling the business because of retirement and is looking for an individual or a group of people who can sustain their name and enhance the existing educational processes through their brilliant management and entrepreneurial skills.

    The business is available at a very reasonable price which includes the vehicle, fixtures, furniture, and equipment. Apart from this, the school is fully-equipped and has a team of experienced and professional staff that can help you run the business without any complication. The key highlight of this opportunity is the two weeks of on-site training by the current owner.

    For more information on this Preschool business for sale in Texas, visit here http://www.business2sell.com/businesses-details/preschool-in-ellis-county.php

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    4. Home Based Business for Sale

    Location: Houston, Texas

    Category: Franchise, Home Based, Retail

    Asking Price: AUD $2,195 to $4,238

    The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the world. And it would be a golden opportunity for anyone to align with the Amazon. It is the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, deals in selling products online all around the world.

    An AMR Importing Alliance, which is a small importing company, is giving you a franchise opportunity to generate higher profits with low capital. The company sources manufactured products from China and then sell them on their e-commerce website. It is a fantastic business opportunity for those who don’t have any prior experience or financial support to start up a new business.

    The current owners will give you live training and help you in creating a listing on Amazon and also show you the negotiation tricks with Chinese manufacturers. So, hurry up and grab this opportunity today!

    For more information on this home based online business for sale in Houston, Texas http://www.business2sell.com/businesses-details/work-from-home-opportunityimport-goods-from-china-and-sell-onl-55934.php

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    5. Profitable Learning Store Business for Sale

    Location: Texas

    Category: Educational

    Asking Price: $99,995

    Situated in the middle of North East Dallas, this lucrative learning store business deals in designing programs to target week cognitive skills and also improve the functionalities of the brain by organizing educational events and counseling. The business works to make sure that people of all ages get the best learning experience that can train their mind and make them get smarter and more successful in life.

    This thriving business is for sale now. You can acquire this and provide your services to all types of people including the one who has dyslexia, auditory disorder, autism disorder, and brain trauma patients. If you are worried about its core operations and working procedure, then you will be happy to know that the owner will be providing 30 days of onsite training via phone or email.

    This will help you understand the business in a better way. Since it is a franchise, you can grow its dimensions and take it to the new heights of success.

    For more information on this Learning Store Business for Sale in Texas, visit here http://www.business2sell.com/businesses-details/profitable-learning-store-.php

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    Needless to say that Texas is the most booming commercial hubs in the United States. Aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for profit-generating business opportunities in the United States can have a look at the latest businesses mentioned above in this blog post. These businesses have the potential to enhance your career and lifestyle.

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