5 Advantages of Selling a Business without a Business Broker

When a business owner decides to sell their company, they ex

... pect the right valuation. They hire third parties...
5 Advantages of Selling a Business without a Business Broker
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Manish Khanna
Thursday 12th of October 2017

When a business owner decides to sell their company, they expect the right valuation. They hire third parties like business brokers to help them market and sell their business for the best value.

The job of a business broker is to sell commercial properties to their clients using their extensive real estate network. They may help you in marketing your business and also assist you during the paperwork, but not all business brokers are the same. Hiring a professional broker could be a good deal, but you will need to decide wisely while evaluating their pros and cons for a better outcome.

Whether you hire a broker or not, you will have to do a selling work yourself. You are more likely to answer the questions of your potential buyers because no one knows your company better than you. If you are doing a lot of selling stuff yourself, then what is the use of paying higher fees to the brokers?

Instead, you can sell a business online without any hassle. There are multiple options for businesses owners to find prospective buyers for their business. You can sell your business without hiring a business broker. You can market your business online and sell it for the best price in a matter of few clicks.

Below are the five advantages of selling your business without any broker. If you are not convinced with this concept, you should read out this blog post.

1. Saving both time and money

Hiring a business broker means outrageous fees and unwanted commission. Of course, they can help you find a potential buyer for your business, but they will do it not for their commission. They would not get emotionally and financially involved in your decision because they are doing just for their business. It means they might not spend enough time and effort to sell your business the way you would like them to do.

If you hire a broker, you have to sell them your business, meaning giving them permission to manage the entire selling process. In case, you found a buyer on your own after hiring a broker, you will be legally obligated to let the broker handle all the transactions. It is one of the biggest drawbacks of signing a contract with a broker.

Instead, you can find a buyer yourself using some great and time-efficient tricks. Selling a business online is one of those innovative ways that can provide you desired results on time. There are plenty of reliable websites available on the web such as Business2Sell to help you get maximum exposure for the sale of your business.

You can list your business on such web platforms with the captivating business description, images, and other key details to find potential buyers in a breeze. For this, you don’t need any middleman. You can do it yourself without any assistance. You can market yourself while leveraging digital advertising strategies for the sale of your business.

Usually, these websites make their money from the listing fees and give business owners impeccable web exposure – regardless of the type and size of the device people are using to search for the business. On the listing page, potential buyers can see your contact details and other key information.

2. Reduces taxes and attorneys hassle

When it comes to selling a well-established business, taxes and attorneys are the two terms that strike to our mind. However, they are the most confusing terms, but you have to consider them while selling your business. This secures the valuation of your business and also saves your money.

Since the amount of taxes you have to pay depends on the type and size of a business you are selling, make sure you hire a professional accountant to help you provide precise tax information before the finalizing the deal.

Apart from this, you may also want to hire an attorney to manage the agreements and sales contracts for this deal. Usually, brokers have both the accountants and attorneys on their payrolls for the calculation of taxes.

But since you haven’t hired any broker, you have to hire both the accountant and attorneys yourself. It is easy to find such professionals. In fact, it could cost you less because you just need them for calculating taxes and creating documents. You can hire them on hourly bases, which help you save a lot of cost and hassles.

3. Promotes transparency

The journey of selling a business begins with the search of a potential buyer. When you find one, make sure you do proper research. Check out their history and know whether they have a strong financial position or not. Instead of getting into the sales, do a bit of research because it is a matter of money and business.

Since you are not hiring any broker, you can directly meet your potential buyer and provide the relevant information related to the sales of your business. You can clear all their doubts and provide them the requested information such as sales and expense reports, growth and income reports and much more.

A broker may take time in passing on all these information, but, when you do this yourself, you can provide them quickly. This will reduce the chances of miscommunication and help you get the best value for your business.

4. Provides Manageable process

Finding a buyer seems difficult without a middleman. But you can achieve it if you have a well-managed strategy for this. Control the procedure yourself to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

If everything is fine, you can continue with the process. Provide relevant information, set up meetings, know their financial status, negotiate and keep the process moving until you get the desired result.

5. Ensures Security of your business

It is one of the key benefits of selling a business without a business broker. When you hire a broker, you will provide them all the information related to your business. This makes your business vulnerable to security attacks. Anyone can misuse it if your broker discloses it with the anonymous buyer. He/she may use it to

On the other hand, when you take the responsibility in your own hands, you will take care of everything before the final deal. You will provide them only the required information that can help you in selling your business for the best price.

If you want to sell your business for the best price, list your business on Business 2 Sell website. It is one of the leading websites that can help all the business owners across the USA to market and sell their company for a good value.

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