Top 10 Cities in The United States To Own A Business In 2019

Nothing matches the satisfaction of owning a business which allows you to take the reign in your hands and lead an empire. Americans have excelled...

  • Top 10 Cities in The United States To Own A Business In 2019
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    Top 10 Cities in The United States To Own A Business In 2019

    Nothing matches the satisfaction of owning a business which allows you to take the reign in your hands and lead an empire. Americans have excelled at entrepreneurship as most of its home-grown brands have expanded their roots across the globe. There are millions of success stories which have taken inspirational individuals from rags to riches. The highly commercialized landscape of the global superpower is the playfield of small businesses as well as big conglomerates.

    The GDP of the country was a staggering $19.39 lakh crores in 2017 and the private sector constituted close to 86% of its economy in 2009. Wholesale and retail trade and manufacturing are the most flourishing sectors in the USA. There is little doubt that budding entrepreneurs find it suitable to acquire established businesses for sale in the United States. It gives them the security to build upon a solid foundation and get the backing of an existing customer base.

    If you too are looking for a business opportunity, then the best way to move forward is to identify the leading locations for trading. Here is a list of the top 10 cities in the country which will be the hottest commercial zones in 2019.

    1. Los Angeles

    The thickly populated city of California, L.A. is famous for being home to Hollywood. It is also a culturally rich and commercially productive destination which has a variety of professional fields leading its economy. Ranked at the 9th position in the Global Economic Power Index, Los Angeles is the third biggest economic metropolitan area in the world. Its financial system is helmed by myriad booming industries such as international trade, aerospace, entertainment, fashion, technology, tourism, apparel, etc. It is the biggest manufacturing center in the western part of the country. If the glitz and glamour of L.A. have got you spellbound, then it is time to find an exciting business opportunity in Los Angeles, California, the dreamland by clicking on the link below.

    2. San Francisco

    The vibrant city of San Francisco is a buzzing region which offers a mélange of culture, business, trade and finance. Teeming with people, it was ranked 14th on the Global Financial Centers Index in 2018. The GDP of the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017 was $500.71 billion. It has a mixed population of highly skilled white collar professionals as well as blue-collar workers who represent the great diversity of the region. In the past two decades, the economy has expanded from being a financial hub to a technology-driven system. The city government also employs a large part of the population and has witnessed the growth of many small businesses over the years. If you plan to invest in this part of the country, then take a look at these business for sale in San Francisco, California, listed right here.

    3. Miami

    The hot and happening city of Miami is the most populated county in Florida which has the third tallest skyline in the USA. Its burgeoning commercial sector is the result of thriving industries which comprise media, international trade, arts, finance, commerce and more. It is home to the headquarters of a plethora of big companies and serves as a base for 1400 multinational Latin American corporations.

    Miami has a stronghold in television production, especially Spanish media. PortMiami is the busiest port in America with cargo coming in from South America and the Caribbean. Tourism is another booming industry which employs a lot of people and receives millions of tourists every year. If you want to live the beach-life, then aim for buying a business in Miami, Florida, by clicking on the link below.

    4. New York City

    The most populated city in the whole country, New York City is the biggest metropolitan area in the world in terms of urban mass. Considered a global power city, NYC is known for its vibrant cultural, financial and entertainment scene. The United Nations is headquartered here and the presence of Wall Street makes it an economic powerhouse. The economy of the city grew by 3.9% in the fourth quarter of 2018 while maintaining steady job growth.

    It is also home to world-renowned stock exchanges - New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. The buzzing city is the stronghold of finance, retailing, tourism, accountancy, legal services, advertising, media, fashion, medical research, technology etc. It has more than 120 colleges and universities and is the leading exporter of chocolate. With so much happening within its environs, it is one of the best places to become an entrepreneur. You can find some of the most promising business opportunities in New York City right here.

    5. Houston

    The city of Houston is a heavily populated region of Texas which is home to the second highest number of Fortune 500 companies after NYC. Famed for its flourishing industries, the city is a leader in healthcare, energy, aeronautics, manufacturing, and transportation. It is quite famous for oil and natural gas production and development of oilfield equipment.

    The Port of Houston is a very busy ship channel which ranks number one in international trade. A considerable part of the population is employed in the prosperous energy industry. With a broad range of foreign-owned companies setting up their enterprises here, Houston has become a big employer. If you want to know more about the business opportunities in Houstan, Texas, then take a look at the listings by clicking on the link below.

    6. Austin

    The capital city of Texas, Austin is a beautiful hinterland with myriad lakes and rivers. Well-known for being an educational and governmental center, it is equally popular for prominence in technology and trade. From Apple, Amazon, Cisco, Google and IBM to Paypal, Oracle, and Dell, many corporate giants are stationed here. Its blooming live music scene is an extension of its musical culture. It was ranked number one among the best places to live in the USA in 2018.

    With the presence of a massive number of technology-driven companies in the city, it is sometimes referred to as ‘Silicon Hills’. It enjoys a robust economy buoyed by small and mid-sized enterprises as well as large multi-nationals. If you want to try your luck here, then check out the listings for latest business opportunities in Austin, Texas, on the link below.

    7. San Diego

    The charming city of San Diego is located in the state of California and is highly sought-after for its stunning beaches and harbor. It is often associated with the US Navy and has recently become the center of healthcare and biotechnology.

    The defense and military industry has played a major role in the development of its economy with General Atomics and NASSCO being headquartered here. Tourism, real estate and international trade are other significant players in its economic network. Many big companies are located here and are providing employment to a lot of people. If you too wish to own a business in San Diego, California, then check out the link given below.

    8. Denver

    The capital city of Colorado, Denver is a Beta World City with a huge population. It is considered among the fastest growing cities in the US and was designated as the best place to live in the country in 2016 by a news publication. The large metropolitan area is utilized for storage and distribution of goods and services due to its robust transportation system and location.

    Many big firms are positioned here and the government has maintained its presence in the vicinity. Its foremost industries include telecommunications, real estate, fast-casual restaurants, construction, mining and energy. If any of these sectors excite you, then start looking for an established business for sale in Denver, Colorado, right here.

    9. San Antonio

    A bustling city in Texas, San Antonio enjoys a versatile economy that generates a GDP close to $96.8 billion. Its principal industries include military, healthcare, finance, oil and gas, government-civil service, automobile manufacturing and tourism.

    It welcomes more than 20 million tourists every year and is the chief destination for call centers in the USA. Six of the Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in San Antonio along with many other big organizations. Rated among the best places for trade and commerce, the city is a hotbed of opportunities. You can find some lucrative business opportunities in San Antonio, Texas, right here.

    10. Philadelphia

    The largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has many universities and colleges and is considered a commercial hub. The GDP of the city was approximately $445 billion in 2017. Home to five Fortune 500 companies, Philly has a towering skyline with many well-known high-rise buildings.

    Its most high-flying sectors include financial services, biotechnology, health care, transportation, manufacturing, IT, oil refining, tourism, and food production. If you want to become a part of its growing economy, then browse through the latest businesses for sale in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, available on the link below.


    All the cities mentioned above are the ultimate hot-spots for making a business grow. If you are eyeing a business for sale in the United States, then it would be a sensible decision to pin your hopes on these trade-friendly places.

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