How to define Your Ideal Customer?

Marketing is the best way to promote and sell your products and services to the targeted customers. While the...

  • How to define Your Ideal Customer?
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    How to define Your Ideal Customer?

    Marketing is the best way to promote and sell your products and services to the targeted customers. While the U.S market is getting competitive with each passing day, business owners are diving more into introducing new tactics to launch their products. Nobody wants to suffer due to any competitive threat, and that’s the reason why they are targeting an entire market to promote their product.

    This is a wrong approach.

    No matter how strong your marketing campaigns are, if you don’t know your ideal customers, you won’t generate leads at all. Getting into the marketing process without research is the biggest mistakes in today’s competitive market.

    If you want to sustain your repo and drive more potential customers, you have to idealize with your customer base. Spend more time in the planning phase, research your local market, find why and how to drive leads and know the preferences of your targeted customers. You have to penetrate deeper to understand who your ideal customer is and thus take marketing decision accordingly to make an effective and efficient sale.

    Most of the well-established companies have their own promotional campaigns because they know their potential customers. That is one of the main reasons why new entrepreneurs buy existing businesses – thanks to the proven marketing support and higher sales opportunity. You can also buy your choice of business in just a matter of few clicks. Business2Sell is one of the leading B2B portals where you can discover thousands of well-established businesses for sale in the United States.

    To better understand your customer base, you have to revive your existing strategies. Here in this blog post, we will unveil every step to help you identify your customers easily.

    Market Segmentation helps you Define your Ideal Customer

    Do you know how to identify your potential customers? Have you ever heard about segmentation? If no, then this is the right time for you.

    Market segmentation has become one of the most powerful tools for marketers. It helps in conveying marketing messages to a targeted group of customers. In simple terms, segmentation makes it super easy to personalize marketing campaigns by letting you concentrate only a specific audience in a cost and time-efficient manner.

    Differentiate your targeted customers from others

    In a market segmentation process, a market of potential customers has been divided into different groups and segments by their age, gender, preferences, and other certain characteristics. If you don’t spend quality time to differentiate your prospective buyers and won’t understand their needs, tastes, and preferences, you will end up with an ineffective marketing campaign.

    To ensure higher success and greater revenues, make sure you create your market segmentation plan carefully.

    Basis of Market Segmentation

    Let’s divide groups into subgroups based on the following factors:


    Since the interest and needs of males and females differ, make sure you create different communication strategies for both of them. This can be seen in clothing, cosmetics and jewelry industries.


    Dividing market according to the different age group helps you define your prospective audience in a better way. Creating marketing strategies based on different age groups can help you convey the message quickly and easily to the target audience.


    Per capita income of customers also plays a crucial role in determining the success of your marketing campaign. Since an income determines the purchasing potential of the targeted customers, make sure you present it effectively. You have to decide whether you want to market the product as a basic need, want or luxury. Business leaders usually split the market into the following three groups depending on their income:

    • High Income Group
    • Middle Income Group and
    • Low Income Group.


    A location where the target audience lives plays a vital role in deciding their buying decision. Your marketing strategies should be segmented based on the place as well.


    Leading marketers also divide the market on the basis of lifestyle. This factor includes personal interests, religion, marital status, and other psychographic factors which determines the buying power of an individual.

    Understand the types of Market Segmentation

    While the basis of doing market segmentation can bring positive outcomes, don’t forget to create your strategies based on the following types of segmentation:

    Demographic Segmentation

    Under this, marketers segment the market depending on the different demographic factors including, age, family size, race, gender, nationality, marital status, income, occupation, etc. This is one of the most common segmentation that can help you promote your products to the target audience.

    It determines the buying behavior of individuals while letting you create personalized market strategies for your potential customers.

    Automobiles, apparels, and beauty products industries are completely dependent on demographic segmentation, and that’s the reason why they are doing pretty good in the global market.

    Geographic Segmentation

    Geographic segmentation is done on the basis of location and geography. Since you are targeting a huge customer base, you should divide them based on their regions because the individuals from different regions may have different needs.

    They may have different reasons to buy your product. With the help of this segmentation, you will be able to create personalized marketing strategies for higher conversions.

    Psychographic Segmentation

    A market is divided on the basis of customer’s personality, attitude, buying power and lifestyle. Under this, marketer tries to influence the purchasing decision of a potential customer by targeting his/her personality and lifestyle. It is one the best strategies as it can help you define your target audience quickly and easily.

    Behavioral Segmentation

    Boost your product sales by segmenting your market based on customer’s behavior, preferences, needs, usage and decision making capabilities. For that, you have to do a bit of research, gather data, organize surveys to get the most out of your target audience’s preferences.

    On the basis of these four market segmentation, you will be able to target your potential customers while promoting your products and services in both the local and global market.

    Three Ways to Define your Target Audience

    Once you are done with the market segmentation process, your next step is to define your ideal customers for whom your products have been created. The following three steps will help you determine your target audience:

    1. Internal analysis

    The first step is to gather relevant information/data about your existing customers with the sole aim to study every possible resource that you can use to attract new customers. So, don’t forget to ask the following questions from your current customers:

    • What products/services do you buy from us?
    • How beneficial are they?
    • How you reached us?
    • How long have you been with us?
    • Do marketing campaigns entice you?

    Also, target their pain points and understand what they expect from you. The information you gathered from customer customers will help you draft better and effective campaigns for the new ones.

    2. Interview your Sales Department

    Most of the successful businesses and franchise firms carry an interview session with their sales team to better create successful marketing strategies. To define your ideal customers, you have to understand which regions or products influence the success rate of a firm.

    To better understand your targeted customers, you have to interview your sales team and know everything about your competitors, current market trends, and customer base.

    3. Create Buyers Persona

    Marketing or Buyers personas are wonderful because it is a fictional representation of your ideal customer base. Create personas to boost your marketing and sales strategies while internalizing the target customers that you would like to engage as soon as possible.

    If you want to create a highly-interactive representation of your ideal customers, then do in-depth market research and fetch real data about your existing customers. Also, consider the geographical, demographic factors, behavior patterns, purchasing powers and goals of your potential customers. This will help you attract your targeted audience with ease.


    Marketing a product or service to an ideal customer is not an easy job. You have to research the existing market, generate surveys, understand your existing customer base, segment the market accordingly and personalise your strategies to increase the sales and revenue of your company.

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