6 Most Profitable Business Opportunities In Raleigh

The United States of America is a dreamland filled with ambitious and passionate people who wish

... to make it big in the economic powerhouse. The lea...
6 Most Profitable Business Opportunities In Raleigh
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Mervin Wright
Thursday 27th of June 2019

The United States of America is a dreamland filled with ambitious and passionate people who wish to make it big in the economic powerhouse. The leading country is famed all over the world for its high productivity and wealth of natural resources. Clearly, everyone wants to become a part of its developed commercial sector which has produced several millionaires over the years. Additionally, many home-grown brands like KFC, McDonald’s, Apple, Walmart, Amazon, etc. have become household names in various international countries.

Thus it comes as no surprise that people are lapping up the idea of purchasing businesses for sale in the United States of America as the economy grew by 3.1% in 2018. With all the major cities cluttered with high competition, many entrepreneurs are looking at their not-so-famous counterparts which are becoming big markets for small businesses. Among these, Raleigh has captured the attention of many as it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

The population is expanding in the capital city of North Carolina which is also known as the City of Oaks for its vast spread of the lush trees. With its burgeoning science and technology sector, it has maintained its status as a viable zone for trade and commerce. If you want to make your mark in Raleigh, take a look at the six most profitable business opportunities available in the city right now.

1. Reputed Dog Daycare Business For Sale

According to estimates, almost half of the American homes have a pet which translates to millions of houses with domestic animals. The most common animal to be reared by people is a dog whose faithfulness and support in security are unrivalled. The net pet industry expenditure in the US reached $72.56 in 2018 and has been growing at a steady rate over the years.

Pet grooming and boarding is a booming business with high-profit margins. As pet ownership is increasing, the demand for pet care is also rising. Many dog owners who travel across the globe choose to keep their canine friends at these pet daycare centers. One such franchise business is available for sale in Raleigh.

Dogtopia has multiple revenue sources including open-play daycare, spa and boarding facilities. With 25 outlets operating successfully in the country, it has carved a niche in the market and was ranked among Entrepreneur magazine's Franchise 500®. If you wish to own this franchise for sale in Raleigh, click on the link below for more information.


To have a look at many more franchise opportunities in The United States, click on the link given below


2. Online Professional Services Business For Sale

Specialists in each field have made way for professional services which have grown in a big way. IT professional services rank high because of the technical knowledge required. With Smartphones becoming the lifeline of users, mobile phone apps have captured a huge chunk of the market. Every business wants to have a mobile phone app to lure more customers.

Thus with a business opportunity of selling mobile apps, you can cash in on the growing trend with the flexibility of owning an online business. The Apps Unloaded business opportunity allows you to sell sub distributorship of Smartphone apps. The easy-to-use platform gives an individual the ability to create an app without any difficulty.

Since it is a franchise, you will be fully trained and get on-going support for the business. If the idea of owning this high potential online business for sale in Raleigh seems interesting, then click on the link below.


To explore many more opportunities for online businesses for sale in The United States, follow the link given below


3. Sports Bar And Restaurant For Sale

Bars have always been the favorite hangout places for people wanting to relax after a long day or enjoy friendly banter with pals. The sale of drinks and food in bars reached $19.8 billion in 2017, with beer being the most consumed alcoholic beverage. With competition increasing in the space, the restaurants are experimenting with the experience being lent to the customers.

Combining good food with drinks over an intense game of baseball or soccer which can be enjoyed with friends and colleagues is a rare mix that brings huge number of customers. The College Town Sports Bar and Restaurant in Raleigh is known for its high-quality food and exceptional service. Positioned on the main college drive, it ensures a full house every game night. If you plan to own this Restaurant business for sale in Raleigh, then click on the link below.


If you wish to explore more and have a look at an array of restaurant businesses for sale in The United States, follow the link given below


4. Junk Removal Business For Sale

The junk removal industry is growing with each passing year and hauling has witnessed a huge surge in demand. The niche industry has less competition and the idea of environmentally-friendly disposal services is being appreciated by one and all. The Junk Luggers franchise gives an eco-friendly waste removal alternative to offices and homes.

They work towards donating useful items from the junk to charities and recycling centers. The turnkey business needs no prior experience and the rewarding business comes with benefits like a strong brand and training support. If you wish to own this junk removal business, then click on the link below.


5. Floor Coverings Business For Sale

Floor coverings are an essential part of our living and are available in the form of carpets, rugs, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, etc. The expansion of construction projects and economic growth along with the growing housing markets and renovation needs has led to an increase in sales of these products.

The industry earned a total revenue of $23 billion in 2018 which marked a growth of 4.5% in the last five years. This floor coverings business for sale is a franchise which has an established customer base and goodwill in the market. With a high return on investment, it is a lucrative opportunity which should not be missed. If you want to find out further details about the listing, click on the link below.


6. Water Damage Restoration Business For Sale

Water damage and mold is a common occurrence in properties which can weaken the foundation and lead to various allergies and health issues. The restoration service is highly sought-after for the maintenance of hygiene and health in the building. 1-800-Water Damage franchise can restore any kind of water damage and there is no requirement of prior experience to manage the operations.

Most insurance companies pay for their invoices as several insurance claims involve water damage. With this renowned franchise, you can enjoy the additional advantages of marketing, administration and technical support. To know more about this opportunity, click on the link below.



Raleigh is emerging as a strong market with a variety of flourishing businesses for sale in the United States coming out of here. It will be a prudent decision for an entrepreneur to pick one of the opportunities mentioned above and begin their journey of successful business ownership right away.

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