Key to Successfully Buying a Business and Managing It

So the idea of buying a business has struck you hard and got you all charged up to enter the commercial arena...

  • Key to Successfully Buying a Business and Managing It
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    Key to Successfully Buying a Business and Managing It

    • Thursday 30th of August 2018
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    So the idea of buying a business has struck you hard and got you all charged up to enter the commercial arena as soon as possible. Being a potentially low-risk proposition, acquiring an established company which has a steady flow of income and profits is a wise decision. Stepping into the shoes of a successful entrepreneur is not hard when you get access to a proven business model, a loyal customer base, reputation and goodwill, qualified workforce, and well-executed marketing strategy.

    Although a bit costlier than starting a business from the ground up, it quickly sets up the new owner for a rewarding and stimulating journey. However, the picture is not rosy all the time. There have been instances of people getting stuck with a bad bargain because of defective inventory, uncooperative workforce or non-existent suppliers. Thus the buyer needs to practice utmost precaution when buying a business for sale in the United States to grab a profitable deal. Let us take you through the process of successfully buying a business and managing it.

    1. Finding A Suitable Business For Acquisition

    The beginning phase of the buying process must begin with determining which industry is most suited for your skills and experience and then looking for an organisation which can be easily managed by you as an owner. Once you have identified a business opportunity, the next step would be to begin the due diligence of the venture. It will comprise studying the financial records for the past five years and going through all the ledgers and balance sheets to ascertain the actual cash flow and return on investment.

    Also, calculate if the asking price fits within the budget after considering the loan, the upfront payment and the initial investment in the company. You can hire a lawyer and accountant to assist you in the process of evaluating the actual cost of the business and its profitability in the future.

    2. Negotiating The Deal With The Seller

    The rule of the game suggests that outgoing owners usually quote a much higher price for the business. So you must negotiate for a discount and proceed further only when you are satisfied that you are discussing the true valuation of the business. You can involve your broker in the process if you are not confident about bringing down the price to its actual cost.

    You need to be aware of the cost of all the inclusions and the total value of the assets including the intangible items to arrive at a price that is acceptable to both the parties. Remember you have the flexibility to walk away from the deal at any given moment and can exert this power to put your foot down and get your demands met.

    3. Transition Time and Transfer of Ownership

    The transition period is the perfect time to get acquainted with the work culture and the policies of the company. The new owner can complete the training and the handover during this phase. To ensure a smooth transition, the new owner must introduce himself to the employees, suppliers and customers so that there is no hostility towards an unknown person later. It is advisable to discuss the future plans with the key employees and clear their doubts related to job security. It is better to delay drastic changes in the organisational set-up and emphasise on building the trust of the internal and external publics in the initial phase of the takeover.

    4. Acquire Funding and Sign The Sales Agreement

    Once the purchase price has been finalised, the buyer needs to get the funding. You can either apply for a bank loan or approach an angel investor or a venture capitalist for the same. It is easier to get funding for an established business than a start-up. Thus the buyer will not have to wait to acquire the finance. Finally, it is time to draft the sales contract with the help of an attorney and sign it after reading all the fine print. There should be no ambiguities that can lead to problems after the sale has proceeded. And then, it is time to take charge of the business and start operating with complete freedom.

    5. Draft A Business Plan And Start Tracking

    An established business will come with its business plan and projections, but an entrepreneur must draft his own vision and mission for the company. He needs to set monthly objectives to maintain the profits and further improve the bottom-line. Also, the new owner must keep his ego aside and pay heed to what the veterans in the company have to say. Advisors are vital in assessing the feasibility of short-term and long-term goals, pushing your limits and finding the loopholes in proposed projects.

    Plus, tracking the daily targets helps to maintain consistency and take future decisions based on the accomplishments of the past ones. Also, you must delegate responsibility to the managers and supervise the working without interfering in their jobs as they have been around for a while and know more than you.


    Thus if you want to purchase a business for sale in the United States, then you must follow these tips to successfully crack a good deal and manage the company. If you pick the right business, you can definitely succeed with a mix of hard work, patience and perseverance.

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